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Now, for all those amazing coaches we have out there, here is some infomation on the upcoming courses this year!

Stage 1: Active Start (U4-U6, 4 hours)

Active Start will teach the coaches that soccer is an essential part in the well-being of children, and how to engaged them in the sport while teaching them basic movements. At this level, the objective is the get the kids moving, having fun and keeping them active.

Stage 2: FUNdamentals (U8, 7 hours)

FUNdamentals is designed to teach the kids how to "have fun with the ball", and have the coaches learn how to teach their players how to start mastering their basic skills and playing in an environment that embodies "Freedom and Fun."

Stage 3: Learn to Train (U10-U12, 14 hours)

Learn to Train will teach coaches how important it is to be a good role-model for their team, as well as skill demonstration is taught. Coaches will establish training ethic and discipline, while being able to create a fun, challening, and astomsphere where the children are constantly learning.

Stage 4: Soccer for Life (U14+, 14 hours)

Soccer for Life will embody long term player development, and teach coaches how to learn technical as well as tactical player developmemt.

For more information on the coaching courses, please visit

BRSA will be coordinating coaching courses in the new future, a current update will follow once the courses are all booked!






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