The Association shall support and maintain the principals of the Laws of the Game as established by the Federation International Football Association Board (FIFA), except as provided in the BRSA Youth Competition Rules. It is the intent of the Association to abide by the Rules and Regulations as put forth by FIFA and the amendments made to them by the CSA and ASA except for the following changes that shall apply to BRSA District competitions. Teams entered into leagues operated by the district will follow all rules applicable to the league in which they are playing.

Changes shall come into effect in the playing season immediately following their adoption.

1. League Formation
2. Games Structure and Regulation
3. Game Officials
4. Laws of the Game

1.1 League Play
All Community Clubs with teams from U12 to U18 may participate in an interlocking traveling league.
1.2 Balanced Teams
All Tier IV Teams within a Club for the Outdoor Tier IV League shall be formed on the basis of equal playing ability given the number of registrations received by the Club. Consideration can be made for Players who have specific requests about which Team they wish to compete on, however Clubs need to be particularly cautious about how this affects the overall balance of their other Teams within the same age division. Concerns about Teams being formed unequally will be referred to the Executive Committee. If it is determined that the Tier IV team has been formed whereby there is an inequality in playing ability amongst the Players, the offending Team will be reclassified to Tier III for the remainder of the Outdoor Season. They will be permitted to finish the Tier IV season on an ‘exhibition’ basis and subsequently be ineligible for a Tier IV Provincial Tournament berth. Further sanctions may be placed on the offending Club, by the Executive Committee, depending on the circumstances of the case.
1.3 Registration
Teams shall be comprised within Age categories of players who have not attained the limiting age before the first day of January of the year for which they have registered. Players in age categories who reach the limiting age on the first day of January shall continue to be eligible to play in the category for the remainder of the year. All players shall be registered through the BRSA District on the appropriate ASA Team registration form. ASA Team registration forms must be submitted to the Registrar prior to the start of the regular season. Changes and additions to the ASA Team registration forms may be made up to May 31. Added players may not compete until the ASA Team registration form has been received by the Registrar.
1.4 Registration Violations

Registration Violations:
  1. Use of over age Players allowed under exceptional circumstances with annual written approval from the Board of Directors.
  2. Use on non-registered Players
  3. Use of transferred Players (see ASA youth Competition)
  4. Use of Players registered at a higher Tier
Where any of the aforementioned violations occur, the following penalties shall be assessed by the Discipline Committee:
  • First Offense – all games played under these infringements shall be counted as losses and three points shall be awarded to the opposing team.
  • Second Offense – the team shall be suspended for the duration of the season.
  • Third Offense – the membership of the Club shall appear before the Discipline Committee where at that time, the membership may be revoked
1.5 Number of Players
The maximum number of registered Players per Team is twenty-two (22), with no limit on the number of Players allowed to dress per game. The minimum number of Players shall be 7; less than 7 players shall result in a forfeit by that Team. Only registered Players shall be permitted to play.
1.6 Player Transfers
Transfers between players within the same Age Division for BRSA Regular Season games and playoffs are not permitted.
1.7 Trialists
Players from a lower age group may play a maximum of three games at a higher Age Division without penalty to the Team. After three games however, they must automatically be transferred to the higher Age Division.
1.8 Schedules
An inter-locking schedule shall be established and distributed to each member at dates determined by the Association, normally two weeks prior to the start of the season. For Age Groups with more registered Teams than able to accommodate in one Division, Teams will be divided into equal Divisions. The Board of Directors will make required decisions concerning multiple Divisions prior to a deadline provided at the Outdoor Planning Meeting. This deadline will normally fall in the first week of April.

2.1 Days of Play

The regular time and day of play for each Age Division will normally be established at the Outdoor Planning Meeting in November of the previous year.
2.2 Mercy Rule
If there is a 10 point spread at or after 2/3 of the game has been completed, the ref will call game and the team with the most goals will be awarded the win. The official score will be recorded with a maximum 10 point spread.
2.3 Inclement Weather
As per FIFA guidelines, the Referee has ‘full authority in connection with the match to which he has been appointed.’ This includes the period before, during and after the game in regards to the suspension of play due to inclement weather. Due to the travel required in the Battle River District between communities, this authority to suspend play is extended to Referees for a period of 2 hours prior to the game start time. If either Team is uncertain as to the status of a game due to inclement weather, the Referee may be contacted by one of the Team Officials to clarify if the game will be cancelled.
2.4 Rescheduling Games
2.4.1 Agreement
  • Initial rescheduling requests prior to the Season must be made at least 3 days before the start date. BRSA will make their best attempt to accommodate such requests.
  • After the Season start, if either Team requires a game to be rescheduled for any reason, they must obtain approval from the other Team. If approval from the other Team cannot be obtained, a written request to the Administrator may be made. Such requests will be dealt with on an individual basis.
  • If the suspension or cancellation of a game is due to Inclement Weather, it shall be the responsibility of the Home Team to re-schedule the game for a later date.
2.4.2 72 hour window
Once agreement to reschedule is made, as per the above procedures, the requesting Team (or Home Team in instances of Inclement Weather) will provide 2 alternate dates from which the other Team will pick. This process must occur within 72 hours of the initial agreement. The game itself may be played outside this time period. Once rescheduled, the District Administrator must be notified of the newly agreed time and place. In the event that it cannot be rescheduled within this 72 hour window, the Administrator will be given responsibility for choosing an alternate date.
2.4.3 Other instances
If the non-playing or non-completion of a game is due to Misconduct of players, Team Officials, or spectators, the result of the game shall be decided by the BRSA Disciplinary Committee.
2.5 Grace Time
Traveling teams shall be allotted a 15-minute grace period from kickoff time for late arrival. Any player arriving late after game commencement shall be allowed to play provided his name appears on the Team Game Sheet and the Referee is made aware of his arrival. The game may only start with a minimum number of seven (7) players in attendance at the end of the grace period. Late arrivals shall not be considered as part of the minimum. In the case of a late arrival of a team, the waiting coach may elect to play the game. The scheduled time of conclusion of the game must be observed if another game is scheduled to follow on the same field. Where prior notice has been given for Game Officials to officiate and the Team or Teams fail to show, the Discipline Committee of BRSA may assess a fine equal to the amount of the Officiating fees to the violating community. Referral of these cases to the Discipline Committee shall be made by the Game Officials or the home Team Coach.
2.6 Points
Points shall be awarded for each game, three points for a win or win by default, one point for a tie and zero points for a loss. Points may be awarded or deducted by the Discipline Committee at their discretion.
2.7 Defaults/Forfeits
Games in which one Team defaults or forfeits a scheduled game will be reported to the League as such. The score will be reported by the Statistician as zero (0) goals for the Team defaulting the game and four (4) goals for the alternate Team. If the default or forfeit of a game is due to the misconduct of Players, Team Officers, or spectators, the result of the game shall be decided by the Disciplinary Committee. The Referee will make referral of any such cases by submitting an ASA Misconduct Report.
2.8 Game Sheets
Game sheets are mandatory – NO exceptions! The Game Official is required to ensure that each player’s name is printed on the Game Sheet. The home Team shall be responsible for providing the game sheet, after they have listed their players to the visiting Team at least ten minutes prior to kickoff time. No additions or deletions of Players shall be made to the game sheet during or after the game. The game sheet shall be in the possession of the Referee prior to kickoff.
2.9 Playoffs
2.9.1 Final Standings
Total points will determine final standings in each Division. In the event of a tie, a tie-breaking procedure will be applied in the following order:
  1. Previous Match Results - The winner of the match between the two teams tied in points shall be awarded the higher position.
  2. Goal Difference - Goal difference shall be calculated by deducting the total goals against from total goals for, in all of the team’s games. The team with the highest goal difference in the entire competition will be awarded the higher standing.
  3. Most Goals Scored - The team scoring the most goals in all of their matches will be awarded the higher standing.
  4. Penalty shots - As per FIFA Laws of the Game, at a time and place determined by BRSA.
2.9.2 Format - (last amended Feb 23, 2008)
To determine the ASA Provincial Tournament qualifier, the top four Teams from each division  at the end of the Regular Season play will compete in a playoff; first place team vs fourth place team; second place team vs third place team; winners of each game competing against each other for chance to represent BRSA in the ASA Provincial Tournament.  The top team in each division after regular season play will have the option to host the playoff games.  Games will be played using the same format and rules as regular season games.  Only teams that have committed to post season play will be eligible for playoffs.
2.9.3 Officials
One Referee and two Linesmen for all Playoff games are to be assigned by the District Referee Assistant. The Referee must come from outside of either competing Team’s Community. Linesmen may come from any Community. Compensation for the Referees will be covered by the District (including travel), and the Lines-persons by the Clubs. For Playoffs, the following fee structure will be used:
  • Referee – U12: $30; U14-U18: $55
  • Lines-persons – U12 to U14: $20/game; U16 to U18: $25/game.

3.1 Referees – (last amended Feb 23, 2008)
The provision of a Referee shall be the responsibility of the home team. The Referee must:
  • Possess the ability, skill set and qualifications to manage the age group to which he/she is assigned;
  • Be older than the age group that he/she is assigned to; and
  • Have currently registered with ASA for the year.
The DRA will retain the responsibility to make the assessment to determine if the Referee meets the above requirements.
Battle River Referees must be familiar with all rules contained within these Outdoor League Competition Rules. ASA mandates require that all previously qualified Referees attend an Outdoor Refresher Clinic prior to the start of every season.
3.2 Line-persons
The provision of Lines-persons shall be the responsibility of the home team and may be of any age. For U14, U16 and U18 games, two (2) Lines-persons must be provided.
3.3 Referees
Official’s fees shall be the responsibility of the home team. Rates of play for regular season play shall be determined by each Club individually.
3.4 Discipline Reports
For any game in which a Referee issues either Cautions (Yellow Cards) or Ejections (Red Cards), at the completion of the game the Referee shall submit the game sheet and any ASA required disciplinary report to the BRSA Administrator within forty-eight (48) hours of the completion of the game. Information to be provided shall include:
  • The name of the Team Official or Player cautioned/ejected;
  • The time of occurrence; and
  • The nature of the occurrence.
Additional information may be provided at the Referee’s discretion.

4.1 Law 1 – The Field of Play
Due to the nature of the rural setting within which the Battle River District exists, it is important to have an understanding that fields within our District may be ‘rough around the edges’. However, obvious hazards such as standing water, trenches, large holes, glass, big stones/rocks or dog poop will not be present on the playing field. Clubs are responsible for ensuring their fields are marked on a regular basis for goal, half, penalty and touchlines. Marked lines, whether by chemical or paint application, should clearly outline the area of play. Coaches have a responsibility to report conditions to their communities who can bring the problem to the District’s attention. The Referee, at all times, has an onus entrusted upon him/her to ensure safety.
4.2 Law 2 - The Ball
The home team shall supply the game ball for a game as specified below
  • U14, U16 and U18 – ball size #5
  • U12 – ball size #4
4.3 Law 3 - The Number of Players
The following rules on substitutions shall apply:
  • An unlimited number of substitutions may be made during the game.
  • With the permission of the Game Official, substitutions are limited to a maximum of three (3) at any one time during the stoppage of play.
  • The Game Official must be notified of goalkeeper changes, and these may only be made at the discretion of the Game Official.
  • No substitution is permitted for a player who has been ejected from the game.
  • All substitutions when not playing must remain quiet and well clear (minimum 5 feet) from the sideline and not behind the goal lines.
4.4 Law 5 – The Player’s Equipment
The following rules shall apply:
  • No player shall be allowed to play without shin pads or proper footwear.
  • No player shall be allowed to play unless he is fully dressed in the uniform provided by his community. This uniform shall consist of a matching jersey, shorts and sock. Those communities that do not supply complete uniforms shall be allowed to field their team with just a jersey. These players shall wear some type of shorts no less than three inches above the knee.
  • Each jersey shall have a Player number a minimum of six inches high and displayed on the back of the shirts.
  • The keeper shall wear colors distinctive from the other players and officials
  • In the event of a color conflict the home team shall have pinnies of an alternate color.
  • At the game official’s discretion, he may allow players to wear sweatpants during inclement weather.
  • No casts, as per ASA policy, will be allowed on the field of play.
4.5 Law 7 – The Duration of the Match
Games shall consist of two equal halves with a minimum of 5-minute intervals. These time periods may only be altered with the direction of the Referee; however, the game will only be considered valid if at least 66% of the stated time has been played.
  • U18 and U16 League Games – 90 minutes
  • U14 League Games – 80 minutes
  • U12 League Games – 70 minutes
4.6 The Technical Area
All Teams competing in the Battle River Tier IV Outdoor League are to enforce a Technical Area (as per FIFA guidelines) for Players and Team Officials. Each field should have markings upon it, for both the home and visiting teams, as follows:
  • The area should be either side of the halfway line on the same side of the field;
  • A minimum of five meters should separate each area from the halfway line;
  • Spectators shall be located on the opposite side of the field from the Technical Area.
During game play Team Officials must remain within the Technical Area. Further reference to these markings can be found in the FIFA Laws of the Game.
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